exploration day

All organisations need to spend time thinking about the future and what they want to achieve. That may be a growth strategy, how they brand themselves, how they attract new customers, donors and employees or how they deliver a specific project.

So we like to encourage all our clients to invest in an exploration/vision day. This is an invaluable exercise and gives you the opportunity to look at where you are as an organisation, discuss what you’re trying to achieve and to understand how you tick. It’s the point at which we can clarify and develop your value proposition, your positioning statement and USP and make sure everything lines up. Or we can discuss the dynamics of a particular product or launch and identify the hurdles to effective delivery and map a clear path forward.

While spending this amount of time may seem like a luxury, we find that this ultimately saves time, money and heartache because we’ve all agreed the building blocks or objectives.

Once you have all this information then you can really move forward, and we can help you with that too, or we can step aside and let you get on with it. But we’re always there if you need us…